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I’ve decided to make a blog in conjunction with my new website (HankLepstein.com).

Most likely if you are here you aren’t interested in my other blog. Here I will basically getting more into the technical side of what I’m doing with my music. A lot of the things I post on there I’ll also post on here.. Including this video I just put together:

YouTube Preview Image

All sounds were made with the iPad. I used iSequence for sequencing and effects. Drum sounds also came from iSequence. Everything else was recorded and copied and pasted from Morphwiz.

This was one of my first times using iSequence and I have to say I love it. I wish it could do triplets like Molten. I also would like it if I could easily export all the tracks at once into studio.HD or MultiTrack and mix the song. But I don’t believe this is even possible Audio Copy/Paste (that I know of). Other than that, iSequence has a good combination of features for experimenting with sound and getting a song together.

Edit: It looks like this can be done with Nanostudio. Pretty cool feature that iSequence should consider.

This was my first video shot with my brand new Panasonic TM700 (recommended by @iamKalaniPrince of Red Head Windscreens). It’s a great camera- very easy to use and it looks amazing. One of my new goals is to make that awesome looking video look awesome after I edit it and render it using Sony Vegas. I would glady appreciate any tips as I really have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to video.


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